Cleantech Östergötland shall act as a platform for cleantech companies to meet other companies working for a better environment. We want to provide a meeting space that can create new business opportunities and innovative ways of cooperation.

It is equally important to create opportunities for our members to increase the exposure towards potential customers. Many members work with new technology and cutting-edge solutions. In many cases, the companies compete with large established firms. Cleantech Östergötland wants to enable further exposure for members to industries with challenges that can be solved by using clean technology.

Breakfast seminars

Breakfast seminars represent an easy way to meet within the network while being inspired. The seminars will touch on the latest within development, politics, trends, finance and business, all within the framework of the environment. We will arrange five breakfast seminars per year, two in Linköping, two in Norrköping and one in cooperation with Vreta Kluster. Please see our event page for more information.


Each year we will arrange a couple of workshops where we use challenges identified by one or more companies as a starting point. The companies that formulate the challenges are potential or existing customers to several of the members of Cleantech Östergötland. We will focus on agile and efficient activities. Please see our event page for more information.

If you have identified a challenge within an area where there are potential suppliers among cleantech companies, please don’t hesitate to contact Malin Forsgren at Cleantech Östergötland.