Sweden is in the forefront when it comes to development, implementation and exports of clean technology. Behind the success, is, among other things, tough requirements regarding water purification, waste management and strict rules against polluting the environment.

Östergötland is dynamic region for cleantech in Sweden. There are few other regions with such amplitude of cleantech companies. There are suppliers and producers of all sorts of fossil free fuel (biodiesel, biogas, ethanol and infrastructure for electric cars). The region is also one of the few places in the world where industrial ecology has been implemented large scale with renewable energy sources as a driving force. The business logic of many of the companies is based on viewing waste as a resource for producing energy as well as a raw material, which has resulted in a substantial amount of connected circular systems, all run based on commercial terms and conditions. The agricultural sector plays an important role to close several of the circular systems.

Among the members of Cleantech Östergötland there are large as well as small companies, active both on local and global markets. The companies are found within sectors such as:

Sewage treatment

Waste management and recycling

Heating and cooling

Fossil free fuels


Environmental consultancy

There are also many companies that combine environmental technologies with IT and visualization to create innovative products contributing to a more sustainable environment.